Strategic yet hands on.

Team inspirer and presenter.

Product creator with a love for logic and delight.

Acting silly in a StyleShoots Live machine.

Acting silly in a StyleShoots Live machine.


Anders Patrick Jørgensen

I have ten years of international product and concept development experience in medical, robotics, automation, loudspeakers, imaging, iOS and macOS. Background in Engineering, Business strategy, IxD/UX and Design.

I'm a creative perfectionist, always aiming impatiently high. I thrive with a clean slate, a big problem to solve. Using my passion and presentation skills, I can rally the troops and communicate well on both strategic and technically detailed level. Drawing on my background in design and engineering, I can assess a problem and devise holistic concepts, lead a team and get hands-on from making physical mockups in the workshop to pixel-perfect UI designs.

I'm married to Sofie. After moving to the Netherlands together in 2010 we now live in gorgeous Humlebæk where Sofie is a conservator at Lousiana. Together we have two little children Elin from 2018 and Enzo from 2016. We're renovating a house from the 70's and its turning out pretty neat.

Following tech, particularly the Apple sphere - always gets me excited and intrigued. When I'm not at my home office or maintaining my gold status with KLM (visiting the StyleShoots office in NL), I enjoy a quiet walk in the forest, listening to loud pop music and fixing bits and bobs around the house. My dream is to convert the garden shed into a workshop for prototyping, and get a full solar roof on the house.